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on-demand service

After setting up an account, use our online Order-Entry to send us a job and have it dispatched right away!

scheduled routes

Routes tailored to your needs.  

healthcare and medical delivery solutions

STAT, On-Demand, Scheduled Service, climate controlled and ambient deliveries.  

overnight pouch service

Our zippered pouches come in a variety of sizes and colors, tailored to your needs.   

STAT Delivery Service, Inc. was born in to the delivery industry for healthcare and medical deliveries.  Since 1998, our medical and lab couriers have been trusted by many of the regions largest hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies. These couriers undergo annual OSHA and HIPAA training.  Our state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology allows you to monitor shipments in real time as well as view chain-of-custody and PODs.  When necessary, on-site account managers are assigned to monitor all driver activities to ensure the utmost security and standards.  

Our Services

San Francisco, CA, United States

Using our 50 years experience in the industry and extensive technology, we customize the movement of your material to fit YOUR specific needs.  Our scheduled routes are completely customized for companies of all sizes - with consistent, on-time pick-ups and deliveries where when you need them.  Route optimization reviews are made to determine whether changes should be implemented to save you time and money. 

Scheduled route deliveries include:

- mail pickup & delivery

- healthcare and medical

- payroll or office supplies

- auto parts

- bank deposits

- food accounts

- and more!

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