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access anytime, anywhere

Our revolutionary web technology can be accessed from any web-enabled device.  You will receive a personalized log-in where you can track scheduled routes, view PODs, place an on-demand order, and monitor current/past activity. 


Scheduled routes will be set up in the system to be posted, processed, and tracked on a daily basis.  Every item picked up/delivered is scanned on to the respective stop.  The item's information is sent to the server immediately; time and POD are readily available for viewing on your personalized webpage.

Stat or on demand orders

STAT or On-Demand orders can be placed through our online Order Entry screen.  Simply login to your personalized webpage and place an On-Demand Order.  The order is sent to us by email and also displays on our LIVE dispatch screen.  On our LIVE dispatch screen we can assign an order to a driver. Once assigned the order is sent to the drivers device where the item can be scanned and effectively tracked. 


driver technology

Our new driver technology allows our drivers to scan items and receive signatures with ease on their android devices. Scheduled routes are sent to our driver's devices daily, as well as any On-Demand orders they receive.